• Well, there’s nothing like the holidays to make your schedule completely off! So, my apologies for missing an article.

    The holidays are almost officially over. Well, at least for grownups. My son doesn’t go […]

  • Tomorrow, the Red Stick Pagan Kids will celebrate our own Yule ritual. It’s going to have special significance for me, as I’m sure it will for the other parents, as we contemplate the tragedy of the events today […]

  • It’s hard to believe, but December is here already. The year has gone by so quickly!

    There has been quite a bit of discussion within our Pagan Kids Group about how to celebrate the holidays. Do you do only […]

  • Well, I must say, I’m pooped. I still haven’t caught up on the sleep I lost this week due to the election. I arrived at the polls at 6:04 am and joined the line to vote. Forty-five minutes later, I was done. I’m […]

  • Wow. We’re just three days away from Samhain! AND we finally have fall weather in South Louisiana!

    It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of the year.  Surely it can’t be, right? How is it that the […]

  • Surveys are interesting creatures. They can be used to document, to define, or even to question what we perceive as reality. They can be used to bolster an opinion or shatter illusions. What do surveys say about […]

  • Thank you! I hadn’t even thought about publishing the prayer!I’m out and about, but will pull it off the computer when I get home.

  • Oy! It’s almost 9 pm on Friday and my article is due! Yikes! What the heck happened to this week?

    I’ve been busy trying to get off the ground with my new insurance license. You are looking at, or at least […]

  • Glad you enjoyed it! I will!

  • This is such a busy time of year. School is in full swing, birthdays are happening in my family, and oh, yes. It’s hurricane season.

    Hurricane Isaac made his way through the Gulf Coast and, though we were […]

  • Julie changed their profile picture 2 years, 3 months ago

  • Julie wrote a new post, Lessons 2 years, 3 months ago

    Wow. Middle of August already. Where has the time gone? I hope everyone had a blessed Lughnassa. I want to say a special thank you to Unity Church of Christianity here in Baton Rouge. They very graciously, and […]

  • How beautiful! So glad you got those messages. Sometimes the gods need to hit us on the head with what my friends and I jokingly call “Clue by fours” to get us to slow down and listen. Well, at least they do with me. :-)

  • Well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Starting with the fact that the day I posted my last article, I lost my job. So it’s back to the drawing board in the job search.

    One of the things this has caused me to […]

  • Well, sorry I missed my last scheduled article!! I was taking some time to celebrate my nephew’s wedding and spending time with family. The wedding was, of course, beautiful and the ring bearer was the most […]

  • Good points! Although it generally applies to someone who is within a religious tradition that is the same or at least similar to the rest of their family.

    Sadly, there are people who have been shunned by […]

  • An update on a couple of things:

    The first is that I am still working with getting information from the Interfaith Federation of Baton Rouge. My last blog indicated that there was some miscommunication between […]

  • Very cool! Love those ideas!

  • Well, it’s been two weeks since I brought my son up to see his dad. He’ll stay with him for five weeks. I’m glad for him that he gets to see his dad, I want my son to have a good relationship with him. And I knew […]

  • Julie wrote a new post, Stuff 2 years, 6 months ago

    The school year is done here and my son is preparing to visit his father out of state for five weeks. So much of these last two weeks has been in preparation of getting him ready to go, both physically and […]

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