December 11, 2012 in Updates by Patrick (PaganDad)

After much discussion we have decided that to boost membership that we are going to be running a contest here on the Village. To do this I have installed CubePoints. This plugin awards points for different tasks on the site. These tasks are;

  • New registration
  • Joining a new group
  • Posting updates and replies in the groups
  • Uploading personal avatars

While these are automatically awarded, I will also be awarding points for referrals, just be sure that whomever you invite posts your username in their intro on the main group.

What are we giving away?

Well we are giving away, for the first contest, ebook copies of both the Parent’s Guide to the Sabbats and Many Voices – One Wheel. 

So let’s start promoting and building the Village, we’ve got a great resource here but it could always be bigger and better.

Blessed Be!


Also if you share this post be sure to come back and let me know in the comments.

Going Forward

July 16, 2012 in Updates by Patrick (PaganDad)

It will be five years this Yule from when I started my blog PaganDad, and I must say it has been a wild ride. I started it with the idea of working through my ideas on raising a Pagan child. Little did I know that I would make some fantastic friends along the way. And I am gratefule for all of you who follow my blog.

As the blog grew, the mission evolved and further cemented itself. Scattered throughout my material is the phrase, ‘Leading the Next Generation Forward through Faith’. That is the key to all I do, whether it is the Pagan Village or the Pagan Household, the idea of raising the next generation of Pagans to be able to stand on their own is right there in the middle of it all.

The Pagan Village

Some of you have been there since the Village started as a humble Yahoo group and although we have lost some members, we have bounced back from the move to something that is not owned by some third party. Thanks to all of you who have been part of our extended community for all these years (I think it’s been almost two years).

And over that time the Village has changed from just Pagan parents to working towards including Pagan families of any and all kinds. From being about a Village helping to raise up the next generation to working to build a larger Tribe.

The Pagan Household

I started this blog for two reasons, to provide a resource for Pagan families to help them in building Strong and Spiritual Families and to provide a voice and platform for new Pagan bloggers. And although most of the columnists have changed, that mission still remains.

As always, the door for guest-posters is always open, whether here or on the Pagan Village. So if you have something you feel like you need to share and just don’t have a blog then by all mean click contact and send us a message. We would love to hear from you!

Going Forward From Here

While the details are still being worked out, there are many things in the works for the coming months and over 2013 as well. From finally getting my book done, to more ebooks and maybe some courses on PaganDad. There is a much larger project in the works, but many things have to be done before we can get to that point. So more news on that later.

The Household will continue to be a place for great columnists and the occasional guest-poster. The Village will be the same but with many new things added over time. Because it is a community resource, I would love to get feedback on what could be done to make it the best resource for your individual communities.

Whether that is the use of private groups to facilitate the building of local groups or anything else that will help you to do that, that is why the Village was started. Just let me know what I can do to help you build up your local community.

So I hope that you continue to join me on this new phase of this wild ride through the rest of 2012 and into 2013 and beyond.

And of course if you have any suggestions, articles you want to see or write, or complaints just click contact and send me a message.

Thanks for sticking around and Blessed Be!

The Vision Going Forward

April 12, 2012 in Updates by Patrick (PaganDad)

I have always seen the Village as a place for all Pagan families, even though for quite a while I promoted it to my readers as for Parents. But that is who reads my blogs so I don’t think you can blame me. But now that we are here at our new home, I want to change that. And I would like your help to do that. Below I am going to be posting the code for a button that you could put on your blogs. And I hope you would be willing to do this. The more people on the Village, the better the experience for all. And if you look under your profile in the Group side of the Village, you will see the option to send invites. Please use this as well.

That being said I would like to talk to you all about the future plans for the Pagan Village.

In the short term we are going to be adding high quality articles on the act of building both a Family and a Tribe. Whether that Tribe is online or in the “real world”, we all need tools and a knowledge base to fall back on as we work on both group-mind and community dynamics. And to be clear a Family doesn’t necessarily mean kids. If you are single then you are a family of one. Remember I want this to be all-inclusive.

Already on board is Johanna. She has been an active member on the site already and I am grateful that she is willing to spend time to help fill out articles and the like on here. Thank you so much! If you are interested in volunteering some articles, then please use the contact form to send me an email with topic ideas and why you think you are the one to write them.

Some ideas would be things on multi-faith households, integrating Pagan spirituality into everyday life, group dynamics, tips on pulling together several families for a large group ritual and celebration. But don’t let this list stop you, if you feel drawn to write something else then by all means send me an email. We will find a home for it.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as more news, changes and updates will be forthcoming. From the relaunch of our Zazzle Store to an Amazon affiliate store and more. I hope that you all will bear with me and work with me to help build a bigger and better Tribe here at the Pagan Village!

Blessed Be!

And as promised here is the code for the button for your site. Thanks in advance for the support!

<a href=><img src= width=”267″ height=”150″ /></a>

News and Features List

February 21, 2012 in Updates by Patrick (PaganDad)

First I wanted to say Welcome to the Village! to all the new members. We’ve got 65 members on here as of right now, I’m so excited to see so many of you that have made the move over.

Figured that I would talk about some of the features that you may have missed or passed over.

First is the profile, be sure to fill it out completely and set up a account with the same email you set as your email with The Pagan Village. This way the picture uploaded there will be your avatar here. If you don’t remember your email you can find it under settings on your profile page.

Next, if you go under your profile, you should see the option to send invites. Use it and help our community to grow.

You can also submit links for our link library. Have a link, that doesn’t fit in the options listed? Then use the contact form to suggest new ones.

Also if you run into any problems while running the site, or if there are any features you want to see then by all means, use the contact form to let me know. Or you can send me a message through the site.

Hope you all are enjoying the site so far. Look for weekly discussions to start up again soon.

Blessed Be!

Welcome New Members

February 4, 2012 in Updates by Patrick (PaganDad)

To the go-to place for Pagan families to network on the Web. Still working out the kinks on here so be sure to sign up for the groups and configure your email settings. I recommend daily emails but there is also the option of digests both daily and weekly.

I think the best way to go forward with this is to post something in the Forum and link to it in the Groups, that way everyone can know that there is something new to check out. But for everyday kind of things feel free to post them in the Groups.

Also when signing up, be advised that if you put your whole name into the name field that it will show up in the activity stream.


Blessed Be!