Taking a Peek at my Spiraling Dance

May 2, 2012 in My Spiral Dance by Dominique

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to Pagan Village for welcoming me into the family, and I’m very excited to see where this all takes us.  Every day we are given the chance seize something new and make it our very own, let’s all learn a little something from each other.   My names Dominique, and I’ve been practicing my own kind of eclectic path since I was a teenager.  Now I’m a stay at home mom of two great kids.  My daughter’s nine going on nineteen and has recently become very involved in the Craft in our home.  I have been very blessed to have children with such open hearts.  My son is almost six and he has autism.  He’s an amazing character with a personality to light up everything he touches. My husband and I could not have been more different when we met 8 years ago, but today our faith and beliefs run hand in hand.    In my home you will probably trip over the kittens and be sat on by dogs but you will feel the love and acceptance that lives here.    I learned early to be a free thinker, that everything we need is right outside our back door, and above all..listen to your soul.  It has many lifetimes worth of experience and is here to help guide you through this one. For over a decade  I’ve explored many religions, beliefs,traditions, and Faiths.  In turn I’ve kinda picked a little of this and that and discovered I’m extremely earth bound.  Paganism has such a beauty and grace to it that can be hard to find anywhere else.  The simple reason?  You are free.  You are free to feel and practice and celebrate and worship however you see fit AS LONG as it hurts none, including yourself.   Well now you have the frame work of who I am we can move forward with PaganVillage business.

Spring is in full swing in eastern North Carolina.  Flowers are blooming, the ducks have a new set of goslings they are showing off, and the kids have been amping up for summer vacation.  May Day is around the corner and we’ve been looking for larger rocks for the kids to decorate their Garden Goddesses.  My son isn’t interested in it much, but sometimes he surprises us and joins in the fun.  We lay out art supplies…i.e. glue, chalk, paint. Along with supplies the kids gather around the yard  …nutshells, feathers, grass, flowers,etc.  Once everyone has their supplies they decorate them how they see fit. Some times they don’t use rocks and instead will use a coat hanger and paper, beeswax, tissue paper, anything they are drawn to, to make a Garden Goddess.  They are as unique as the person making them!  Afterwards we will sprinkle salt water over our projects to concentrate them and allow the kids to parade their art work to the garden (or maybe the tree they’ll hang them in) –adding a kazoo or two makes the parade much more lively!  Normally we leave little saucers of milk and honey at the edge of the garden to attract fairies, too.

Another favorite I’ve discovered of children of all ages is a May Day *Prince,Princess,Queen,King” Self portrait.  Putting all the crayons,chalk,paint,makers in the middle of the table and giving each participant a sheet of paper.  What do you see?  The Goddess and God have made us exactly perfect in their image, express it! Make sure to add a flower crown before you hang it up for display.

Well I don’t want to wear out my welcome the first week so I will leave you with this in mind…Remember the wind longs to play with your hair, the earth longs to feel your bare feet, the water is eager to wash away your problems, and fires keeping you safe from harm .  Have a Blessed week!

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I'm a practitioner, wife, and mother to two beautiful children. I've lived in eastern North Carolina most of my life and enjoy raising my family deep in the woods where I spent most of my child hood doing the very same. I've been offering readings and private "study groups" in my home for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy learning some thing every day. Blessed Be!