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April 12, 2012 in Updates by Patrick (PaganDad)

I have always seen the Village as a place for all Pagan families, even though for quite a while I promoted it to my readers as for Parents. But that is who reads my blogs so I don’t think you can blame me. But now that we are here at our new home, I want to change that. And I would like your help to do that. Below I am going to be posting the code for a button that you could put on your blogs. And I hope you would be willing to do this. The more people on the Village, the better the experience for all. And if you look under your profile in the Group side of the Village, you will see the option to send invites. Please use this as well.

That being said I would like to talk to you all about the future plans for the Pagan Village.

In the short term we are going to be adding high quality articles on the act of building both a Family and a Tribe. Whether that Tribe is online or in the “real world”, we all need tools and a knowledge base to fall back on as we work on both group-mind and community dynamics. And to be clear a Family doesn’t necessarily mean kids. If you are single then you are a family of one. Remember I want this to be all-inclusive.

Already on board is Johanna. She has been an active member on the site already and I am grateful that she is willing to spend time to help fill out articles and the like on here. Thank you so much! If you are interested in volunteering some articles, then please use the contact form to send me an email with topic ideas and why you think you are the one to write them.

Some ideas would be things on multi-faith households, integrating Pagan spirituality into everyday life, group dynamics, tips on pulling together several families for a large group ritual and celebration. But don’t let this list stop you, if you feel drawn to write something else then by all means send me an email. We will find a home for it.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as more news, changes and updates will be forthcoming. From the relaunch of our Zazzle Store to an Amazon affiliate store and more. I hope that you all will bear with me and work with me to help build a bigger and better Tribe here at the Pagan Village!

Blessed Be!

And as promised here is the code for the button for your site. Thanks in advance for the support!

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